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See? Worth it. 

It’s one of my favorites, too, I couldn’t help encouraging you to watch it over English homework.

Eli Goldsworthy a fan of musicals? Who would’ve thought! No but, really, it’s one awesome musical. Am I the only one who dances along with Time Warp?


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Your english essay can wait until after Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s not that late.

I am used to put work before play time, to give it some kind of name. This is just new for me. But I’ll take the risk, Rocky Horror is one of my favorites.

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I should be working on my english essay for this Friday and I am watching The Rocky Horror Picture show. I can’t recognize myself anymore.

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Well you better not bleed out until you die because I need you.


You need me?

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Text: Katie

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Ha your the one that wants me in your pants.image

Pretty sure you are the one who wants to wants to get in mine. i wouldn’t blame you.

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We just have to get through being apart until I can… transfer. I can’t transfer right now today.


No, Drew. I want you to finish school with amazing notes and have fun. 

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Acquainted with the Night

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Coffee With Karly


Zoe raised her hand to cut off Katie from all the compliment’s, this girl was definitely full of praise for her. Not that she didn’t mind but she didn’t want to just discuss herself or her work. “Oh wow, I should keep you around more often.” She winked at Katie and then smiled cutely. “I am sure it can all be arranged, never underestimate the power of Gatsby Garcia. I love treating my friends to things they enjoy sometimes. Oh and then we might have to make that a threesome.” She winked at the girl. Zoe giggled when she said she liked when she called her Karly and mentioned her phone number. “Oh does that mean I am lucky enough to have your number?” 

Katie nodded, giggling slightly “you definitely should keep me around. I am a box filled with compliments, just call my name” the girl winked back at the younger girl teasingly. To be completely honest, she pictured the girl to be more uptight and vain, but it was refreshing to get to know her deeply and realize she was wrong about the actress “I’ve seen the show. I don’t think anyone can underestimate Gatsby’s powers. She’s very scary” she giggled, shrugging slightly. As she was taking a sip of her coffee, Zoe mentioned a threesome and Katie couldn’t help but choke with the beverage, coughing slightly, knowing she had to stop thinking about her that way. The blue eyed girl cleaned her throat and smirked at the other girl clumsily, nodding at her “The question here is, am I lucky enough to get your number?” she raised a brow at her, teasingly.

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