Hey Katie. I wanted to check up on you to see if everythings alright from the last time we met?


I guess. I am sorry I was such a bitch to you. I just… can you please not tell anyone? I don’t want my mother finding out like this.

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Hook Me Up || astoldbykatiem


Imogen groaned against Katie’s skin when she heard the raven-haired girl moaning her name, nipping at the crook of her neck and running over the area with her tongue, continuing to suck at it all the while. Katie’s moans were driving her wild; she loved knowing that she was making her feel good, that she was the one who was causing the usually carefully composed Katie Matlin to lose control. The notion caused a fresh wave of desire to wash over Imogen, a spark of electricity coursing through her body with her lower stomach at the epicenter. When she finished leaving her mark on the taller girl Imogen pulled back ever so slightly before leaning in to press a kiss to Katie’s lips once more, hunger evident in the force behind it. A small whimper escaped her when she felt Katie’s lips leaving her own, but the sound changed to a low moan as the blue eyed girl trailed kisses down her neck, toes curling in pleasure. She sucked in a sharp breath when Katie’s lips left her neck altogether, trailing down further. Goosebumps rose along her arms as the taller girl’s mouth found its way down to her cleavage, nipples hardening slightly through the material of her shirt and bra as a fresh moan fell from her lips. 

She whimpered softly when Katie suddenly pulled away altogether, mourning the loss of contact until she realized what the other girl was doing, why she had pulled away. Eager to have one less layer of fabric between them, she helped the raven-haired girl pull her blouse off, lips crashing against Katie’s once more the instant her blouse was tossed aside. Under different circumstances perhaps Imogen would have been shy about being exposed to Katie like this, but the combination of alcohol and desire coursing through her made it difficult for her to care about having as much contact between Katie and herself as physically possible. That in mind her fingers toyed with the hem of Katie’s blouse for a moment before slipping underneath and travelling up the raven-haired girl’s body, pushing the blouse up all the while. She all but let out a growl of frustration when her fingertips hit a new barrier- Katie’s bra. She pulled away so that she could pull the blouse over the other girl’s head, fully intending to toss it aside. But the moment the blouse was over Katie’s head and in Imogen’s hands she paused, frozen in place by the sight before her. “Beautiful” she murmured, grip on the blouse going slack as she took in the sight of its owner. 

Katie Matlin felt the hazelnut haired girl leave a mark on her own neck, making her groan. Perhaps under different circumstances, the blue eyed teenage would’ve snap at her. After all, she’d make a significative thing for her. Marking her as her own, for everyone to find out, yet, she found the situation rather encouraging and hot. Imogen wanted this as much as she did, and none of them were afraid to hide it at the point. Imogen’s body was beautiful, more than she could understand. Behind all the quirky attires, she hid a gorgeous body, the kind every girl envied. She brushed the girl’s flat stomach with her fingertips, memorizing her curves with her mere touch. Her lips found their way then to her cleavage, above her bra, lingering her kiss longer on the already harden nipples, her clumsy hands tracing cirlces around her belly button. Things were starting to heat up, she felt the urgency to rip off all of Imogen’s clothes  for once, and the thought was scary. Never had she ever felt the same way about any guy, not even Drew. She wanted— needed more of the girl with glasses and it was maybe the alcohol or the sudden feeling of freedom she got after humiliating Drew in public, but she was ready to go all the way, as long as Imogen agreed to. 

Once her own blouse was out of the sight, the girl couldn’t help but blush, she wasn’t used to being that exposed in front of anyone for the matter, and her words only made her cheeks turn crimson red. “You are gorgeous” the former soccer star whispered back, kissing her way up to the girl’s lips, letting her own crash on them, moving fast. Her tonge begged for entrance to her mouth. Her black fingernails moved down to the girl’s pants, undoing the button slowly, and ghosting inside them, sensing her over her panties, finding the wet spot immediately, moaning at the feeling, knowing she had done that to her. She moved her fingertips slowly, teasingly and broke appart from her mouth, looking at Imogen “Tell me if you want me to stop” she breathed out, before kissing the brown eyed girl’s neck, nibbing on the tan skin, leaving a dark mark on it, Katie smiled to herself “Now we are even” Katie joked, chewing down her lower lip.

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Acquainted with the NightDrew: "I like a kinky Mrs. Torres." He said with a low growl as she kissed his ear loving the feeling of her lips against him, he just got lost in his wife as he nipped at her neck. "oh I will talk dirty, anything that will get you wet for me baby. Wet for my big hard cock." He said to her softly in her ear, the one thing Drew had always loved even before they had been married was to tease the hell out of Katie it was a wonder they had ever been able to keep their hands off of each other. Hearing that she was horny, he growled softly, and he felt her lips against his neck until she dropped the last shred of fabric that separated them and his thick fingers found the very intimate spots on her frame. Drew just sucked harder on her swollen nipples, drawing all the blood to where his lips were attacking with a new fevour as he pushed into her, her warm walls enveloping his shaft driving him crazy all the same. Drew just closed his eyes when she pulled his head up and his hips started to work her over as she rolled her hips to meet his. Drew grabbed her round butt as he walked with her to her bed and laid her down never breaking contact as he fell lightly on top of her, and his length began to pump faster into her. The smell of sex hung in the air mixed with her perfume a smell that he had come to love on her, as he felt her lips bruising his own but the slight amount of pain in the kiss didn't bother him one big, he just bit her bottom lip and dragged it with his teeth, as he pulled back and his entire frame rolled into hers as he gave her a deep hard thrust wanting to hit that one spot, that would make her knees weak and her head spin. Drew watched her face the flushed beautiful look that was gracing her features in that moment, and of course her dark lust filled eyes drawing him in with every pump of his hips.
Katie: moaned at his dirty talk, a shiver running down her spine as she started kissing her husband's chest, pulling him closer to herself "I am very wet and ready for you, Andrew. I need you, so bad" she whimpered at his soft voice, instantly feeling herself getting wetter. There was something effective about kinky Drew Torres that always managed to leave the girl wet and throbbing for him. The blue eyed girl moaned loudly and gasped, letting the much muscular guy lead her wherever he wanted to. At that exact moment, the girl knew that she would practically do anything he asked her to. He had her under his charm, as if he had hipnotized her with every inch of his body, with every move and every kiss. Everything they went through was suddenly worth it. Every tear, every fight, every strugle, everything lead to that exact moment, and she was feeling infinite and happier than never. She felt like she was about to explode, her breathing erratic mimicking her heartbeat. The tension building up on her lower stomach making unbearable for her to keep a straight face. Having him inside of her wasn't compared to having anyone else. Only him could make the so driven girl lose her mind and composture as long as they were together. Katie moved her hips in a circular motion faster than before, still not at her full potential, trying to tease Drew "I want you to come for me first, babe" she whispered huskily, the desire on her voice obvious enough to make her giggle. She was losing herself in his arms, and she was loving every single part of it. She threw her head back, closing her eyes, painfully, as she could feel herself getting closer to her release, Her toes curling in pleasure. Katie decided to look back at her now husband, her blue orbs glued to his own, and she could see stars on them. "Fuck, Drew" she cursed under her breath, trying to hold on, aiming to see and feel him cum first.


"No, I’m fine, really. I play roller derby for fun, so it’s really nothing. Accidents happen."


"Roller derby? Sounds dangerous but really fun. Either way, I’m Katie, pleased to meet you… stranger."


Is that so? I’ve got hands, Katie, I’m pretty good at using them. Shirtless Katie? Whoa, commando? Is it my birthday? Yes, our kids. Because I’m sure as hell not getting anyone else pregnant. You’re stuck with me, Matlin, I hate to break it to you. You totally seduced me, you were the one who made me yell penis. I couldn’t do anything else but let it happen. 


Not as good as I am using mine, of course. You know that. Only if you behave, whatsoever. Maybe you won’t even get shirtless Katie. You really want to have kids with me? Oh, man! There is no escape, is there? Dammit, I guess all I can do now is love you forever. You seduced me, Martin. We both know that. With that naughty smile of yours and your sexual innuendos.

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Katie. Geez. Keep it in your pants. I know it’s hard to not love me. 

You are such an idiot, Martin.

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Oh my lips? Am I that addicting?


You have no idea, Torres.

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I got my acceptance letter from UCLA today.


What? Wait, Drew, really? You’re moving to Cali?

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Text: Kaytay. Marisol: Eventually he came around.
Katie: My oh my, Marisol Lewis will be with two guys at the same time?????

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And why would I say that, Mrs. Martin?


Don’t pretend you don’t want to, Mr. Martin.

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